Black Velvet

Faithful to the tradition established in the late 19th century in England,Dublin's Pub BLACK VELVET is premium cocktail crafted with the best apple varieties from our orchards combined with enveloping and velvety roasted aroma of dark beer. Enjoy this premium black velvet. Cheers!

AB SKU: 764494

Irish Cider

The sensorial profile of Dublin’s Pub resembles that of beer, without the bitterness. Thus, the selection of the apple varieties and the wine-making techniques used produce a fairly neutral cider with a round, fresh flavour,without the sharp acidity typical of conventional ciders.

Comes in bottles or in kegs:

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AB SKU: 764535

Pomme de Coeur Cider

Made from apples picked during the first autumn frosts, Pomme de Coeur will seduce you with its beautiful amber colour and complex aromas of apricot, honey, melon and almonds. Smooth in the mouth and with a richness of flavour that complements the natural acids of the fruit, this cider is best served with fine desserts and cheeses.

AB SKU: 764536

Red Hard Cider

This cider is crafted from a blend of the finest apple varieties from ourorchards and top-quality caramel. Dublin’s Pub Red, or the Irish Red, as we callit, is made following a process that stays true to the traditional Irish method.This high-quality cider is sure to please those who prefer a slightly morefull-bodied flavour. Cheers!

AB SKU: 764493