Besserat de Bellefon

Besserat de Bellefon, established in 1843 by Edmond Besserat, still embodies today the prestige so characteristic of the Champagne region.

In order to construct its unique style, a blend of power and elegance, Besserat de Bellefon relies on its own 25 hectare vineyard, mainly situated in the Marne Valley (a bastion of the Pinot Meunier grape) as well as a network of grape suppliers who supplement the House's requirements for high quality grapes. Conscious that the diverse nature of the various crus and the synergy between them brings even greater finesse and complexity to their blends, the House has built strong relationships with around a hundred winegrowers with vineyards situated in the best terroirs of the Champagne region. Most of these families have worked very closely with the House for several generations, contributing to the constancy in style of Besserat de Bellefon's wine.