ICON Fine Wine & Spirits is a well established and progressive boutique agency which represents exceptional beverages that fill specific niches in the Western Canadian market. Icon is noted for its portfolio of family owned and operated producers, as well as company brands.

With its proven track record as a brand builder, the Icon team successfully introduces new brands into the marketplace, cultivates and develops leading labels, and innovates by creating joint venture wines with partner suppliers.

Icon offers outstanding quality and service in all product categories and price ranges, providing industry leading education, service and support to its customers: the various Provincial Liquor Boards, premium hotels, private wine stores; government-owned beverage alcohol distribution outlets, and the buying public.

With its head office located in Vancouver, Canada, its unique portfolio of old and new world wines, company-owned brands, unparalleled beverage alcohol brands, and dynamic sales force, Icon is strongly positioned as one of Canada’s top wine and spirit agencies.